Vertebral Subluxation In This Month’s Health Mag

A back injury – vertebral subluxation is a chiropractic term typically used to describe the undue movement of spinal bones from their normal position, as a result of trauma, stress or other problems suffered by the patient. It’s a concept adopted primarily by chiropractors, who’re job lies in diagnosing and treating neuromuscular conditions of the spine.

A vertebral subluxation is often referred to as a complex because it is believed to be caused by and consist of a number of different elements. As previously mentioned, the major causes are believed to be trauma and stress- although chemical imbalances are also thought to be a trigger for subluxation.

Back Pain StretchA vertebral subluxation is deemed a serious problem by chiropractors and other healthcare professionals, primarily because it is thought to affect neural function and is suspected to be the trigger for other serious health problem. The word vertebral relates to “vertebrae”, which is the medical name for spinal bones. When these vertebrae move out of their usual alignment or change the way that they move, then this can be seriously problematic for the nervous system. In turn, a malfunctioning nervous system is known to create other serious conditions, which can negatively impact the lives of those suffering from it.
The word “subluxation”, instead, relates to the dislocation of the spinal bones and the issues caused by this.

Vertebral subluxation can cause moving bones to create pressure on the spinal cord nerves, which in turn can irritate them to the point of serious pain. It can also affect their function, which can then create consequences for surrounding muscles and the rest of the body. As the nervous system coordinates the function of the body, any interference caused by vertebral subluxation can reduce the efficiency of the system and lead to the loss of total function in the body.

A vertebral subluxation is usually diagnosed on the basis of symptoms suffered by the patient. These can vary between individuals, but common signs are thought to be neck pain, back pain, and headaches. Aching joints are also often treated as symptoms of subluxation, especially if the pain is notable and ongoing.

The job of a chiropractor treating vertebral subluxation is to first diagnose the condition, and then to work on adjusting the alignment of the spinal bones. Chiropractors can differ in their treatment of the condition, and different doctors may have different ideas on what the best course of treatment is for patients. Often, to reduce the invasiveness of treatment for patients, chiropractors opt to treat subluxations with stretches and targeted exercise- which has long proven effective in this field of alternative medicine.

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